Campus Recruitment Programme

Campus Recruitment programme for graduating class entails the following:
Participation Intent
Companies are requested to confirm their participation by sending the participation form, provided as an insert to corporate resource center.
Job Descriptions
Additionally, companies are requested to send detailed job description for the positions they wish to recruit for. Job Description, which should include position responsibilities and a recruiting contact, will be instrumental in attracting student interest.
Recruitment Process
Companies will be allotted a slot in recruitment program schedule for conducting their final recruitment process. These slots are decided purely by cumulative student preferences. Companies may conduct all pre-final assessments such as group discussions, tests and preliminary interviews prior to the day on which they are slotted. In order to make appropriate arrangements, companies are requested to provide information on their recruitment procedure. In particular companies are requested to furnish information on the approximate size of groups for group discussion, Number of interview rounds and approximate duration of each interview. Corporate Resource Center will solicit this information two weeks prior to commencement of campus recruitment.
Offers & Acceptance
All job offers should be channeled through corporate resource center. No job offers can be made directly to any students. CRC will communicate the company at the earliest, information on candidates who have finally accepted offers. It is expected that when offers are made companies will make note of the specific terms and conditions as discussed and agreed upon during the interview and these will be explicitly stated in the offerform submitted by the company.
Company presentations and pre-placement talks provide students with an opportunity to learn more about company and meet some of the key employees. Companies can make a powerful impression by exposing students to highly knowledgeable employees who can deliver your message and convey your commitment to recruiting at CCP. The schedule for pre-placement talks can be worked out in co-ordination with corporate resource center. This year company presentations will begin from September.