In 1948 Radhakrishnan report recommended appointment of Dean Student Welfare (DSW) for better coordination of all student services. Department of Student Welfare (DSW) is a student care and supervision center that serves as a liaison between students and administration. DSW closely works with students across all years and all societies to explore ways to enhance or address aspects of the entire student experience, from education to student life to career planning, and works with students to develop innovative solutions to issues and concerns. The objective of DSW is to provide ample of opportunities, scope and facilities for the all round development of personality and leadership qualities among the students. The Department of Student Welfare has professionally trained staff to help you through the unanticipated problems that sometimes comes your way. Chandigarh College of Pharmacy maintains student welfare services that are impartially available to all the students. From academic to social or psychological problem, students can avail help for anything they face.