CCP, Landran has a unique mentoring program in the name of Class Counseling. Every class is divided into groups of 30-35 students, and each group is assigned with a faculty member to act as Class Counselor (CC), also referred as Mentor.

Number of Faculty mentors per Section: 03
Number of students per mentor: 30-35 number of students
Role of a Class Counselor:

  • Class Counselor (Mentor) monitors the Academic Performance of a Student.
  • Class Counselor maintains a file to track student activities like Academic, Curricular, Co-curricular Extra Curricular, achievements, Social activities, and the details of Parents Meetings.
  • The Class Counselor keeps parents updated about the student’s academic performance, attendance, events, and university results, etc. telephonically, through letters, emails, and WhatsApp.
  • Class Counselor selects Class Representative (CR) from the section. These Class Representatives act as a vital link between the Management, Institute, department, CCs, and Students.
  • The Class Counselor conducts meetings with students periodically to ensure good academic performance as well as to address the personal grievances of the students.
  • Class counselors also motivate and guide weak students for improvement in academics and overall growth. Course reference material (CRM) is also provided to students along with previous year university solved question papers.