As per guidelines and instructions of UGC, NAAC and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, an Anti Sexual Harassment Cell has been established to promote gender equality and to prevent gender discrimination in the Institute or the Hostels.


  • To frame guidelines for a policy against sexual harassment.
  • Take disciplinary action against complaints of sexual harassment.
  • Organize gender-based equality awareness programmes in the College.
Representatives for Gender Sensitization Cell
Particulars Name Designation
Patron Dr. M Arockia Babu Director-Principal
Nodal officer (s) Dr. Anjoo Kamboj Professor
Dr. Rupinder Kaur Sodhi Professor
Department wise Nodal Teachers
Pharmaceutics Dr Jitender Madan Asst. Professor
Ms Preeti Kush Asst. Professor
Pharmacology Dr Amit Goyal Asst. Professor
Ms. Parvirti Asst. Professor
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dr Deepika Sharma Asst. Professor
Dr Jyoti Singh Asst. Professor